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Blackbeard's Landing Leather Kilt Belts

Leather Goods, Utilikilt Belts, Pirate Gear and Costumes

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Leather Kilt Belts, Custom Bladrics, Ring Belts or a good everyday belt for your jeans or to go out on the town, you can depend on Blackbeard's Landing for quality work every time. I offer only the best selection of products at prices you can afford.

When quality matters. We specialize in handcrafting High Quality Leather items. Made in America

Owner Thomas "Blackbeard" Beckner is a Master Leatherworker with years of experience crafting armor, sword hangers, and scabbards. He has the skill and natural talent necessary to turn your ideas into a reality.

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 ​​Kilt Belts – Dress Belts  

I make Handcrafted Leather Kilt Belts, Everyday Belts (for keeping your pants up), Sturdy Work Belts (that will not cost you half a day’s wages),Ring Belts (for going to the Renaissance Faire, SCA, Adrian Empire, or LARP events), Pirate Belts (so nice that Captain Jack would trade a bottle of Rum for one.), and Dress Belts (for going out on the town). I create original accessories designed to your specifications. If you don’t see what you are looking for contact me , and I will make it for you. All work is made to order.​ 

  Blackbeard’s Landing Designs gorgeous Leather Baldrics and Scabbards for a wide variety of Swords, Daggers, and Hunting & Fishing Knives. In addition, we offer Mug Straps, Eye Patches, and Other Leather Accessories that you can Dream of.