Naughty and Nice

For your Naughty or Nice side, I have handcrafted an assortment of different items. Leather Restraints (If put on correctly the where’re will have a very hard time in getting out of them, Evil Laugh.)  these are made for wrist and or ankles.  I have designed Over the Door Restraints and they work too well to my embarrassment (I was stuck in the prototype after I wanted to see if they would work. Had the door not been opened by my friend I would still be there today.)  I also have Fuzzy Cuffs which everybody loves.   Floggers that are made form a wide range of leathers form Garment leather to Moose and everything in between. Paddles and Slappers are made from Nice heavy dense 8 – 9 ounce latigo leather (I believe the term is “OUCH”), and then I have Kitten O’Nine Tails. These are a miniature flogger in the form of a Key chain. They have a split ring that you can put your keys on, and then is handcrafted from suede leather.   

Fuzzy Cuffs

The Floggers start at $60.00 for a 9 tails/falls 1” wide by 12” – 18” long. The handles are hard wood generally Oak with a clear coat finish. I then use some of the same leather that the flogger was made from to make a braided cord, so you can hang it from you belt or display on the wall.

I handcraft each of the “Floggers”, using Garment, Upholstery, and Sued Leathers to make each one. I can also use Buffalo, Deer, Doe skin, Elk, and Moose these leathers raise the price. I also make them in many colors and, or combination of colors.   

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Call For Info (760) 217-7926

Adult Naughty & Nice  

The Fuzzy Cuffs are made of 8 - 9 ounce Black latigo leather for the main body. Then the colored accent straps that has the D-ring and buckle attached is made from designer 8 – 9 ounce latigo leather. They are lined with rabbit fur to match the accent color. Each has a heavy trigger snaps at each end of the connecting straps which connects to a heavy D-ring on each cuff.

The Fuzzy Cuffs are very sturdy cuffs, but I do not recommended for full suspension use.

Click on the pics of the Fuzzy Cuffs for larger pics.

 Be sure to select the color of the fur in the drop down menu  when ordering. This will also dictate the color of the accent leather (the straps). The main wrist wrap will always be black.

For your Naughty or Nice side, I have handcrafted an assortment of different items

Call For Info (760) 217-7926