Here is where you get to choose the size of the Leather Mug that you want.

Here are your choices.

1¾ Pints = 28 ounces

2 Pints = 32 ounces

4 Pints = 64 ounces (That is a ½ of a gallon)  

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Leather Shot Glasses/Cups.

Here they are the long awaited Leather Tankards.

There is nothing worse than expecting a mouth full of frosty beverage or coffee and instead you get beverage with wax, you got to love that flavor, NOT.

With my Leather Mugs you don’t have to be concerned with the wax coating on the inside of your Leather Tankard melting due to excessive outdoor heat or the tempter of your beverage. I coat the inside of each Leather Mug with a Food Grade epoxy.

Each one is cut out by hand and is also stitched by hand because of this each one will be similar but not a carbon copy of the one before it or the one after it. They are made from 8 – 10 ounce leather then they are Water & Wax harden.

The sizes that Leather Tankards come in at this time I offer a 1¾ Pints (28 ounces), 2 Pints (32 ounce), and 4 Pints (64 ounces).

I also offer designs on the Leather Mugs, at this time I have the Masonic symbol Compass & Square, and Celtic Hart.

Here is how you order a Leather Tankard, Leather Mug, and Leather Drinking Cup. From the Drop down menu chose the size that you want, if you want Masonic symbol or Celtic Hart click the add to cart button for that item. 

Here is where you can the Masonic symbol of Compass, Square & G or just the Compass & Square.

G or no G

Leather Tankards