Merchant's Baldric

Merchant's Baldric

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It is made from 8 -9 ounce Latigo leather. It can be made in Black, Russet Brown, Chocolate Brown (as seen in the picture) or 2-Tone. The hardware on the Merchants Baldric is an ornately decorated nickel roller buckle with nickel finish rivets and Chicago screws. I also offer this baldric with brass roller buckle and brass hardware (picture will be coming soon). I have just added two new Forged Buckles that you can chose from for the Merchants Baldric. These are beautiful forged Iron Square or Round buckles with a flat black finish, these buckles come with black hardware.

The Merchants Baldric has decorative lines running down the outside of the straps. Of all the Baldrics that I offer this is the most popular.

These will hold any size sword and scabbard from a rapier to a hand and a half. The frog (this is the part that holds the sword) is held in place with 4 Chicago screws, and it is very ease to adjust the frog so that it will hold your swords scabbard firmly (this is also where you can change it to Left hand Draw or Right hand Draw)

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