Leather Kilt belts for Utilikilts and other Kilts

Leather Kilt belts for Utilikilts and other Kilts

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Shortly after I purchased my first Utilikilt I discovered that my standard everyday 1½” belt just did not work well with my new kilt. So, it was off to the work bench. After some trial and error I came up with the correct width 2½” inches . It fits Utilikilt belt loops perfectly in my opinion. But it was lacking something. My first Squire said that it needed some bling so we added 2 conchos to the belt. This made it look better, we both thought that if 2 made it look better 6 would be great.

Pricing starts at $70, you select which options you want and those are added into the final price.

How to order your belt:
Determine what color you want for your belt
Determine the size needed

1. Wear your kilt as you normally wear it.
2. Using a tailor's tape, or a string, run it through the belt loops
3. Determine the length of the tailor's tape. If you used string, measure the string
4. ADD 2 to the length, this will give you the properly sized belt

Select the belt buckle you wish to have on the belt

Decide which conchos you want on the belt

Decide whether you want the additional embossing on the belt

Choose Options

Belt Color
Belt Sizing
Buckle Style
Concho Style
Belt Embossing