Classic Leather Utility Kilt Belt

Classic Leather Utility Kilt Belt

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For those of you who saw me at Comic-Con 2006 working in the Utilikilt both, in San Diego CA this was the belt that I had on.

These Belts also make a great Pirate belts.

The buckle is custom cast for Blackbeard's Landing. These belts are made from 8 -10oz Russet Brown Latigo leather. The black border is hand dyed along the edge to make it 2-Tone. The buckle is pewter with a hammered finish.

How to order your belt:
Determine what color you want for your belt
Determine the size needed

1. Wear your kilt as you normally wear it.
2. Using a tailor's tape, or a string, run it through the belt loops
3. Determine the length of the tailor's tape. If you used string, measure the string
4. ADD 2 to the length, this will give you the properly sized belt Select the color you wish for your belt

Select the belt buckle you wish to have on the belt

Decide if you want the hand-dyed two-tone finish

Choose Options

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